Early Access
1. Adam Anebri, Hwankoo Kim and Najib Mahdou

"Baer submodules of modules over commutative rings", Published online: 18 February 2023, Doi: 10.24330/ieja.1252741

2. Wenjing Liu, Jiangtao Shi and Yunfeng Tian

"A note on the solvability of a finite group in which every non-nilpotent maximal subgroup is normal"Published online: 18 February 2023, Doi: 10.24330/ieja.1252751

3. Bernard Rybolowicz

"A note on a free group. The decomposition of a free group functor through the category of heaps"Published online: 5 March 2023, 

Doi: 10.24330/ieja.1260475

4. Haohao Wang, Jerzy Wojdylo and Peter Oman

"Irreducibility of binomials"Published online: 5 March 2023, 

Doi: 10.24330/ieja.1260484

5. Xiaolei Zhang and Wei Qi

"Nil_*-Artinian rings"Published online: 5 March 2023, Doi: 10.24330/ieja.1260486

6. Taoufik Chtioui, Sami Mabrouk and Abdenacer Makhlouf

"Deformations and extensions of BiHom-alternative algebras"Published online: 5 March 2023, Doi: 10.24330/ieja.1260492

7. Shubham Mittal, Gaurav Mittal and R. K. Sharma

"A note on friendly and solitary groups"Published online: 5 March 2023, 

Doi: 10.24330/ieja.1260499

8. Mourad Khattari and Driss Bennis

"(n,d)-X_R-phantom and (n,d)-_RX-cophantom morphisms"Published online: 5 March 2023, Doi: 10.24330/ieja.1260503

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